Voice of the Arts

recording, engineering & mastering

Our Engineering Work

Responsible for all aspects of recording and mixing and/or mastering in a variety of styles for the following clients. (To see the engineering credits in larger graphics, click here for the viewer.)

Steve Gugerty - Bones
(Engineered, Mixed, Mastered)

Alessa & the International Band - Brazillian Mood
(recorded, mixed)


Jennifer Corday - Driven (mastered)

Dewey Erney & Ron Eschete
- Dewey Erney & Ron Eschete - A Beautiful Friendship Then & Now (Recording)

DEWEY ERNEY - Live at Steamers Jazz Club
(Recording, Engineering)

DEWEY ERNEY - What is This Thing Called Love?
(Mastering, Engineering, Recording)

Richard Odie - Distant Worlds
(Mastering, Engineering)

DSM - do something meaningful

Paulo Mattioli - FIRE - WORLD BEAT FitRhythms
Dance Mix (composing, engineering by Ken Givens)

the Fragrance

Frequency 5 - Under A Spell

Biola University - Full Time Job

Rodrigo Rodriquez - Guitar Into the Wind
(Engineering, Composition)

Long Beach Children of Christ - He Has Done So Much

the Ron Eschete Trio - In the Middle - Live at Spazio
(mixed, mastered)

Dan Radmacher - In the Space Between
(mixed, mastered)

Radio - Just Like That
(recorded, mastered)

Khana - Attitude
(recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered, co-produced)

Jennifer Corday - Kick Ash Corday

Return to Krondor
(composed, produced, mixed, mastered by Chuck Mitchell)

La Palabra - Breakthrough

Los Sabios Del Norte - Puro Sabor Norteno

Dewey Erney - Lucky to be Me

Monterey Blu

Mort Weiss Meets Sam Most - Live at Steamers

Mort Weiss Meets Joey Defrangesco
(recorded, engineered, mixed)

Ron Eschete' and Mort Weiss - No Place to Hide - A Duet
(produced, engineered, composed, recorded, mixed and mastered)

Pacific Breeze - Walkin'
(recorded, mixed and mastered)

Mark Chosak - Perception
(co-produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Chuck Mitchell)

Progressive Rock for You

(produced, engineered,recorded, mixed & mastered)

Stacy Robbins - You Have Touched My Heart
(co-produced, engineered, mixed, recorded by Chuck Mitchell)

Mort Weiss: The B3 and ME
(mixed, mastered, engineered)

the Encounter Band - Encounter You

the Mort Weiss Quartet - The Four of Us - Live at Steamers 2005
(engineered, mixed, mastered)

the Mort Weiss Trio - The Three of Us
(engineered, mixed, mastered)

Bob Anderson - To Love and Be Loved
(recorded, mixed, engineered)

Julio Figueroa - Tres Americas
(recorded, mastered)

Worship With Peter Neuman

Voices in Prayer
(engineered by Ken Givens)

Jennifer Corday - Venus Envy

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