The studio @ Voice of the arts

ABOUT the Company- Audio Production For All Media!

Our Digital Facility

The Recording Studio Includes:

• An acoustically superior control room(this room sounds excellent, no guessing).
• 500+ sq. ft. of comfortable, creative workspace (not another home studio).
• Up to 140 stereo tracks of 96k capable, 24bit hard disk recording/editing with 140 channels of virtual mixing. Each channel includes automated compressors, gates, EQ's, aux sends, surround assigns and pans, plug-ins, in addition to a Mackie D8B and it's inherent automation.
• SAW Studio
• Pro Tools
• Digitized Video for speedy ADR, sound design, and foley work
• Tube compressors, preamps, and EQ's
• Extensive keyboard and sequencing equipment/capability
• Tannoy Dual 10" main monitors, PBM's.
• Great microphones and outboard gear
• Vintage Hammond C-3 with Leslie
• Huge, growing sound effects library

... all in a room with a comfortable, creative vibe. Best of all, our engineers are easy to work with, creative, and have a minimum of 10 years of experience.

VOICE of the arts: see and hear some of our credits!